You do what?!

Sure. When my colleagues hear about my life as a farmer I get the exact same look my neighbors and community give me when they hear about my work as a philosopher. I believe there are a lot of questions packed into those looks, so I think a blog is a good place to begin to provide answers. Or maybe just hints, tidbits and slices of what it is to be a philosofarmer.

On the one hand there are the eight chickens and three goats. And on the other a pile of my favorite books, journals and articles containing ideas and concepts with which to understand and wrestle. It’s a great balance really and can be done simultaneously. You would be amazed at what comes to mind when you’re chopping wood for a few hours or tilling your garden with a giant, old school tiller from the 1960’s. When you’ve mowed that acre and a half with the push mower and you’re tired, even Wittgenstein’s Tractatus is more approachable. The same is true for the animals. They get to give me the first crazy look to my latest idea to improve their lives. So, again, it’s a great balance.






About philosofarmer

Father, Philosopher, Farmer. More to come ...
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